2024-04 → "Ima Koko Watashi" in Italy (Catania + Palermo) and France—with Chikako Kaido
2024-06 → Touring "Maria Cencaru" in Vienna at S_P_I_T Festival—with Raymond Liew Jin Pin
2024-07-11, 19h → Guestperformances "Deep.Dance" in Kiel at SPCE
2024-07-12, 19h → Guestperformances "Deep.Dance" in Bad Oldesloe at KuB Bad Oldesloe
2024-07 → Touring "Hope" in Theatre X, Tokio and "Ima Koko Watashi" in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Kobe—with Chikako Kaido
2024-09 → Guestperformance "1000 Kisses" in Hamburg, TBA


media mix

so soft and the sun

Solar simulation and ongoing research project. With artists from the fields of dance and performance, software development, scenography, fashion, sound, graphics and photography, material is generated and collected from fragmentary thoughts and associations on the subject of dance, coding and energy.
A limited edition of the documentation / white paper "so soft and the sun" was published at the end of 2023. If interested in a copy for artistic research, get in contact via email.

2023/24—Project Website

Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg, Fonds Darstellende Künste, NEUSTART KULTUR


Three dancers enter into a hermetically soft choreography generated entirely by an artificial intelligence and explore the hyper-logical creativity of code.
…threateningly successful interplay of artificial conceptual and human-bodily-motor intelligence… Robert Matthies, 26.06.2021, taz

2022-24—Project WebsiteDownload Portfolio—Available for touring

Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg, Fonds Darstellende Künste AUTONOM, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

1000 Kisses

Pop-Up performance for young audience—Ever kissed a thousand times? Two dancers don’t mince their words and try it. Somewhere between fun, frustration and, above all, effort, their lips become dry and kissing becomes a completely new thing: Conventions, gender and lame prejudices dissolve and draw a rather strange movement portrait of devoted touching. From South-East Asian incantations to Western hypersexualisation, everything is there and transforms into a jungle of images and movement before the audience’s eyes.

2023-24—Explore Dance—Available for touring

Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg, Explore Dance, K3 Choreographic Centre Hamburg


OPEN WA~TER are open trial and showing formats for performance and media. Every last Saturday of the month (from FEB 2024), artists from SHD/ Studio Hammer Deich and guests invite colleagues and friends to various showcases of their current work, sketches and research.

Jascha Viehstädt: Combustion, Sound and Dance (TRYOUT)
FEB 24th, 18h—SHD/ Studio Hammer Deich

Raymond Liew Jin Pin: Solotus (TRYOUT)
MAR 30th, 18h—SHD/ Studio Hammer Deich

Maria Zimpel: Waterdances/Yes Poems (MOVIE)
MAR 27th, 18h—SHD/ Studio Hammer Deich



Jascha Viehstädt, a Hamburg-based choreographer and dancer, operates at the intersection of physicality, conceptual exploration, and form. Holding a degree in classical and contemporary dance from Hamburg, he furthered his studies and earned an MA in Choreography from HZT Berlin and UDK Berlin.
Jascha frequently collaborates with Düsseldorf-based choreographer Chikako Kaido (DE/JP) and co-produces works with choreographer Raymond Liew Jin Pin (DE/MY). As a founding member and choreographer of Berlin's documentary performance group Costa Compagnie, he played a pivotal role in developing innovative choreographic methods and delving into global transformation processes, particularly in crisis regions.
In October 2020, Jascha established the collaborative rehearsal space SHD/ STUDIO Hammer Deich. This space serves as a creative hub where he not only produces his own works but also engages with local and international dancers, choreographers, and artists.
Jascha's artistic endeavors focus on exploring the intricate dimensions of real and virtual spaces and the bodies inhabiting them. His approach involves an open exploration of formless, physical states, and an obsessive quest for clear structures within them. By grappling with the transient nature of movement, formal aesthetics, and their mutual influences, Jascha navigates the convergence of movement and technology in his creative pursuits.


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